5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Child’s Speech

Finding ways to incorporate speech and language into your daily routine doesn’t have to take extra time or prep! Here are 5 easy ways from a licensed speech therapist to help grow your child’s speech in fun and engaging ways.

1: Go for a walk and talk about what you see. This is a great way to incorporate family time too!

2. While you are making a meal, invite your little one to help. Describe the smell and taste of food as you cook.

3. Turn your groceries list into a scavenger hunt! Your child will love finding new items, while you will love having some extra help.

4. Practice sequencing while talking about the steps to brush your teeth! Great practice for fine motor movements as well.

5. Game nights can be full of so many great learning opportunities. Practice following directions while playing a game, or have your child explain the directions to you!

Exposure is key when it comes to growing your child’s speech and language skills. Follow @gingerspeechie on social media for more great ideas like this!