Getting Started with VIPKID

If you use my referral code I will send you my VIPKID starter kit and provide free coaching! Please reach out with any questions. Referral Code: ELIZA1018

VIPKID… you may have heard of it from all their Facebook ads or maybe you are new to it all. It is a one-on-one online lesson platform for students in China. You may be thinking that this is a multi level marketing platform for others to make money… it’s not! You teach real students and get real money! The only thing you need is a camera and microphone. It is all on your time schedule and there are no quotas to fill. Online they state you can earn $14-22 per hour, which I average out to about $21/hour. Sounds too good to be true? Let me break it down a bit.

Interview Process

If you think the interview process is a little daunting. I completely agree! Let me help you with some coaching. The first time I went through trying to apply I quit halfway through and did not think about it again. That was until another one of my coworkers brought it up and helped me through the process. It was so much better getting the help from someone who was actively doing it! I did not want to spend a ton of money on props and a backdrop if I wasn’t going to do it. All I did was print off some 2-D props and hang up a fun tapestry on the walls for color. If you use my referral code: ELIZA1018 I will send you my 2-D starter kit for free!

First, you have to fill out the online application (takes 5 minutes). You can mark down any type of experience you have with students. That can be summer camp, undergrad clinicals, or student teaching experience. From there you complete a live or recorded 10 minute lesson. I chose to do the recorded, because let’s face it I was nervous to try it with a real person. Within 24-48 hours you hear back if you are accepted and can move on. The best part… you can’t fail now!

You complete what VIPKID calls mock trials to be certified in various levels. Do you love working with younger students? Great! Apply for the interactive level 2. Want classes with less prep and older students? Levels 4/5 are for you! You can be certified in as many or as few levels as you would like. I would recommend doing as many as you can before you sign your contract. These do have to be done with a real person on the other side, but they are really nice and provide good feedback if you don’t pass the first time. Don’t worry… I didn’t pass the first time!

The $$$

I know working as a school based SLP may not be bringing in the big bucks, but you love having your summers off and time with your family. That is why I love VIPKID since you work as much as you want. Need a little extra money for that summer vacation? Pick up a few extra hours when it works for you!

Your base pay is determined when you go through the application process and can be from $7-9. From there you can earn a bonus for each class. $1 for showing up and an extra $1 for every class over 45 taught. Each class is 25 minutes, so that is how I get to the average of $21 an hour for myself.

If a student does not show up for a major course or cancels within 24 hours you still get paid in full! If it is a trial class that is canceled you get paid 1/2 for just showing up. The bonus for trials is if they sign up after taking your class you get and extra $5.

Setting Up Your Profile

My profile picture! No you don’t have to wear orange 🙂

I know some people have had difficulty with classes getting scheduled at the start, but 3 days in I was doing great. I went to sleep two days in and woke up the next day with 16 trial books. Want to know what I did?

First, I made my main profile picture something fun. I know they said to make it professional, but I didn’t want to look the same as everyone else. You want to use a bright colored background to catch the parent’s eye since they will be scrolling through lots of teachers.

I think the biggest thing that led to all my bookings is I changed my bio from 1st to 3rd person when writing it. If you want to see my example just drop your email address below in the comments. I also ran my bio through google translator from english to chinese and back to english. It is not perfect, but it helps me see how parents read my profile. Trials are booked through learning partners who may or may not speak english as a 1st language. Making sure they can also understand my bio helps with trial bookings. These trials have then lead to major course bookings with my older students.

I can’t wait to share even more of my experiences with you and provide helpful tips! Be on the look out for more blog posts coming soon.

If you use my referral code I will send you my VIPKID starter kit and provide free coaching! Please reach out with any questions. Referral Code: ELIZA1018

Social Skills for Middle & High School

Social skills, my favorite area of being a speech-language pathologist. I never had a client in undergraduate or graduate school who had pragmatic language goals. I feel like it is not even an area that we truly target in our schooling. We are taught about AAC, PECS, autism, but how do we really help these students, and what is our role on the IEP team? I wanted to share some of the main things I do with my students, as I absolutely LOVE this part of my job.

Life Skills Push-in Therapy

This is one of the biggest things that has really helped my students. I push into work experience classes, created social skill advisory periods, and helped co-teach with teachers to assist with high need students. This has increased the carryover for my students, as I can teach them in the moment. Many of my students don’t understand that what they learn in the “speech” room can be carried over to everyday life. To read more on how I started push-in check out my blog post here!

One of the easiest ways you can start with social skill push in is helping with cooking time with your life skills students. I use for visual food directions. If I don’t find something I like, I make my own. You can target functional skills that students will really use.

How To Structure Lessons

How I store and set up my brain breaks

When I do push in lessons with a larger group of social skills students, I make sure it is as structured as possible. These students appreciate the fewest unexpected events, so I have lessons set up the same in order for students to focus on our lesson and not a distraction for the day. Each student has a notebook where they take notes. These notes are for students to think about each answer before shouting out. It also allows students to “stretch your brain” as I tell my students, this is to push them past their first answer.

In the middle of my lessons I do brain breaks which you can grab as a freebie on my Tpt. These brain breaks allow us to practice our lesson for the day, whether it be adding to a conversation, body language, or eye contact. Each of my lessons have worksheets, online quizizz (check it out), or board games that go along with the goal of the day. Finally, I give every student a daily job for the month. This allows us to build a strong classroom system, and keep each other accountable for something.

Social Skill Resources

Some of my go to resources and games for social skill lessons! Affiliate links.

If you are going to buy one thing, it has to be this book! Social Thinking Thinksheets for Tweens and Teens was a lifesaver my first year out of graduate school. I now base all of the language I use with my students off of this book. Includes a TON of lessons with matching worksheets. I use these lessons at least twice a month. I even help teachers by providing them the common language I use with my students so they can carry it over to their classrooms.

Sometimes I need a no prep option for my students to work on, and I struggled to find something for older students. So I made these one sheet, no prep pragmatic language worksheets. Students can fill these worksheets out then we can talk about them together. Allows them time to “stretch your brain” before answering. Grab them to target problem solving and inferencing in one worksheet!

What Do You Say… What Do You Do… At School? Social Skills Board Game is geared for younger students, as one of the areas is on the playground, but it can be used with your lower level students. My students skill enjoy playing games, and I love games that also target goals. Students race around the school to collect tokens and answer social skill questions.

“10 Ways” is the perfect social skills app for middle and high school students. There are 9 different topic areas that are targeted with this game. Why do I love this no prep game so much?
Students love the jeopardy style questions. Able to save a game if you don’t get it finished in one session. Multiple students or groups can play. Variety if question types. I’m also lucky enough to have an Apple TV so I can screen cast my iPad for all the students to see.

Some pictures from my lessons!